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                                                        LATEST VIDEOS

Lazy Sunday 3  - Feb '08

Lazy Sunday 2 - Feb '08

Lazy Sunday 1 - Feb '08

Yael's blue toungue - Jan '08  (may take 5 minutes to download using DSL)

Avital and Yael reviewing the Simpsons - Jan '08  (may take 2 minutes to download using DSL)

Kids making snow - Feb '08


Eretz HaTorah: Michael's film. :This will take a long time to download.  I will try to find a  way speed it up somehow.

Movie 1 - (Zahava Spills Sugar): dial up format     better quality format     best quality format

Movie 2:   Cool Shades      Same in .mpeg format

Hanging out

Mayer knocked down

The Ice Cream Party:    High Speed connection         DSL          Low speed connection: Modem

Singing with the fish!:  High Speed connection          low speed connection: Modem     

Cult of Personality

Just Another Day At Mizrachi - better quality - March 23, '06
Just Another Day At Mizrachi - faster lower quality  Google Video - March 15, '06
Just Another Day At Mizrachi- stinky quality on youtube 
           - The Lyrics        
           - The MP3
           - The iPod (video)

Older Vids:
The Chevruta - on youtube.com

Mizrachi Safety video - on youtube.com

Shabbos Elevator

Happy Birthday

News From Iraq

Jon Stewart on CNN's Crossfire

Extreme Kiruv! 

Voting - Nov. 2,2004