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I go to mizrachi.m4v - Purim '07
The Office - Purim '07
I Go To Mizrachi!!! - Putim '07

Just Another Day At Mizrachi - better quality - March 23, '06
Just Another Day At Mizrachi - faster lower quality  Google Video - March 15, '06
Just Another Day At Mizrachi- stinky quality on youtube 
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         - The iPod (video) 

Google Videos:
Just another day
Educational safty vid 
Purim "Apprentice" spoof

Fuchs Mizrachi Alumni in the Israeli army
Fuchs Mizrachi Alumni learning in Israel


Unterberg's trip to Texas - August 13, '05

Mashiach Class 1    Audio

Mashiach Class 2    Audio

Mashiach Class 3    Audio

Mashiach Class 4    Audio

Zionism lecture2      Audio

The Land Speaks (Power Point Presentation)     Audio

The Land Speaks - Archeology Sourcesheet

On Reality and Rainbows

The Discovery of David

Rivka vs. Rome

Micheal's Shabbat in Space